Net exposure of women 1 minute fan fan 42 ears User: seeking human flesh

It is a continuous slap baby
Recently, the net exposure of a "maid" sitting in a hall on the black sofa, constantly slapped with a hand on her side of the baby's face, the baby kept crying, but the "maid "Is still no expression to continue to slap, in 58 seconds to play a full 42. "Maid" hit about 30 slap, the baby cry to once lost. "Maid" is a continuous slap baby. The current video of the photographer and shooting address is uncertain. After the video out of the Internet, causing great repercussions, many mothers are very sad and angry. Friends know: @Hi Miao Ma: We want to know the results of treatment, yesterday saw the night are insomnia, and simply want to chop her, should not be nanny, like relatives, nanny did not dare to fight the child's face will be red and swollen, Seeking meat to her. @ Crystal Izu _181: good vicious, really want to come out of thousands of people cut out. @ Sunflower drift: shoot people look down ah? This kind of person is a thousand knife cut. @ Mei Mei 6044656062: looked good distressed, so how can the small children under the hands of it? Really can not do it! Children and family can see her skin are stripped! @ LCP smile: I do not have the heart to look down, are parents, why other people's children so cruel, your own child you will treat it, distressed.

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