Guiyang National High-tech Zone to create "China's western public park"

To achieve innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, incubation and investment combined
Guiyang National High-tech Zone held in Beijing, "China's Western Public Park" promotion, high-tech zone Party Working Committee, deputy director of the CMC Huang Changxiang to promote the theme of the high-tech zone and the CCID Institute and other six organizations on-site contract Beijing, May 22 (Xinhua Zhou Lei Gang) in order to form a public venture, the vivid situation of innovation, build a new engine of economic development, Guiyang National High-tech Zone in Beijing today Zhongguancun held "China's western public park" promotion, Guest summoned to create a national level of public space - the western China public park. In this way, Guiyang National High-tech Zone introduced "fan 10" support policy, the maximum amount of support of 100 million, to support the park to create innovation and entrepreneurship. It is reported that "China's western public park" is Guiyang High-tech Zone in order to comply with the Internet era of public entrepreneurship, the new trend of innovation, to stimulate innovation and create vitality, the formation of public entrepreneurship, innovation and vitality of the situation, the implementation of large data innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration project, Including Guiyang large data? Created Park, "new three-line" DreamWorks, small and medium-sized business incubator three parks. "China's western public park" to create a good innovation and entrepreneurial ecological environment as the goal, to stimulate social innovation and entrepreneurial vitality as the main line to build a public space and other business services platform as the carrier, adhere to market-oriented, open sharing principle, with large data structures (Incubation community) - Incubator (incubation community) - Accelerator (Accelerated Community) - Industrial Park (Industrialized Community) "Incubation and industry incubation chain. The implementation of large data entrepreneurship demonstration project, to achieve innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, incubation and investment combined to complete the "manufacturing" to "intellectual" transformation, a comprehensive and sustainable development of innovation and entrepreneurship area. "China's western public park" through the "all chips, crowdsourcing, public creation, public enjoyment", line off the line combination, innovation creation model, manufacturing model, business model and operation and maintenance model, effectively gather domestic and foreign innovation resources, Inspire innovation to create vitality. It is expected that by the end of 2016, the "Western Public Park" will gather more than 100 team members (including domestic and foreign winners won more than 20 award-winning team), entrepreneur more than 1,000 sub-entity space and gathered More than 50,000 people online virtual space, become the first in the west, the national first-class, innovative and entrepreneurial ecological environment good base base. It is understood that the release of the "ten passenger ten" for the park to help customers involved in the content: Project landing: to give 10-50 million start-up capital support. Project operation: the first three years were given 100%, 70%, 30% of the site rent subsidies. Intellectual property: the first invention patent funding 20,000 yuan; provincial funding 50,000 yuan. Project financing: 10% of the risk subsidies, a single subsidy up to 50 million; to give 50% of the loan interest and guarantee costs subsidies, up to 100 million a year. Talent gathering: the founder of the three years to give rent-free or low-rent youth talent apartment settled in support; the introduction of Dr., 5 years, according to the standard monthly allowance of 1,000 yuan. Free cloud services: free test with cloud computing, cloud storage and other services. Science and technology innovation coupons: encourage enterprises to use technology innovation coupons to universities, research institutes, science and technology service agencies and other units or other enterprises to buy technology innovation services and technological achievements. Entrepreneurship carrier construction: national, provincial incubation carrier were given 1 million yuan, 300,000 yuan reward. Instructor team building: 300 yuan per mentor to the incubation agency work subsidies, the annual amount of subsidies up to 30 million. Support Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship activities give 40% of the activities of the subsidy. Each year the amount of funding for each institution can reach 500,000 yuan. At the meeting, Guiyang High-tech Zone and the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloud computing center, Beijing enlightenment incubator, Beijing CCID by the slightly, Kechuang Investment and Financing Union, Beijing Crew space, Ai Qiqing Branch 6 institutions responsible person signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement The According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly build "China's western public park", to carry out China's domestic events, to promote the "industrial Internet" construction and other aspects of specific cooperation.

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