Datong police detected a large wealthy kidnapping case two suspects were killed

There is news that Datong Huayue Group Chairman Zan Baoshi was kidnapped and was asked for ransom 20 million US dollars
Arrested the scene, the suspect was killed. Photo from Datong life WeChat public arrested the scene, the suspect was killed. Image from Datong life WeChat public suspects on the vehicle there is a clear shot hole. (Reporter Cheng Yuanyuan) May 12 morning, the news that Datong Huayue Group Chairman Zan Baoshi was kidnapped and was asked for a ransom of 20 million US dollars. Reporter learned from Datong City Public Security Bureau, May 10 to 11, which lasted 18 hours, Datong Public Security Bureau detected a large kidnapping case, the security rescue hostages, killed two suspects on the spot. According to Datong City Public Security organs, at 10:30 on May 10 Xu, the city Public Security Bureau City Branch received a report, said Datong City Huayue Group Chairman Zan Moumou was kidnapped and asked for a huge ransom. Datong police said, May 11 at 5:30 Xu, investigators found the trajectory of the suspects, immediately encirclement arrest. 6:10, two suspicious vehicles have entered the line of sight, the scene command quickly ordered the officers and men to besiege, two suspects shot to stop, the scene police counterattack, two suspects were killed on the spot, the hostage was rescued. Police seized two cases of traffic on the scene, imitation of the "five four" pistol 2, 4 clips, 31 rounds of bullets. After investigation, two suspects with a certain, Jia Moumou for the southern suburbs of Datong City, the case is further investigation. May 12 at noon, Huayue Group, the company responsible person said, did not know the chairman Zan Baoshi was kidnapped, the company did not notice within. "We always thought it was rumors." The official said, the current group business is normal, not affected. Link public information show, Zan Baoshi, male, August 22, 1961 was born in Datong City, Shanxi Province Development Zone Weizhou Tuan Village, master's degree, senior engineer. He is currently Chairman of Datong Huayue Construction Group Corporation, Chairman of Beijing Light Industry Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Vice Chairman of Beijing Jinhe Holding Company. Social positions are Shanxi Province CPPCC members, vice chairman of Shanxi Province Federation of Industry and Commerce, Datong City People's Congress, Shanxi Province, vice president of private economic research, executive vice president of Beijing Chamber of Commerce in Shanxi. Has won the "model worker in Shanxi Province," "Shanxi Province charity outstanding contribution figures" and so on. Datong Huayue Group Company was established in 1997, is a collection of real estate development, construction, property services, commercial trade, combined heat and power as an integrated joint - stock enterprise groups. Has 8 holding subsidiaries and 3 shares of the company, the total registered capital of 270 million yuan, the total assets of 4.2 billion, with housing construction general contracting a qualification, real estate development two qualifications, property management two qualifications.

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